North STAR Alliance Promotes Public Safety through the North STAR Act 

02/08/2024 at MN Capitol Press Room, 10 AM Central

For immediate release:

MINNEAPOLIS, January 30, 2024 – A critical call to secure public safety for immigrant communities is echoing throughout the state. On February 8, 2024, the North STAR Alliance will host a press conference at the MN Capitol Press Room at 10 am.

Chief authors Representative Sandra Feist (DFL – New Brighton) and Senator Omar Fateh (DFL – Minneapolis), as well as representatives from the North STAR Alliance, will address the community and press to emphasize the urgency of passing the North STAR Act, our transformative piece of legislation, this legislative session.

The North STAR Act aims to safeguard our vibrant yet targeted immigrant communities, addressing the challenges faced by non-citizens who contribute significantly to Minnesota. These individuals—our family members, neighbors, and friends—face obstacles that hinder their safety and well-being. Fear of disclosing immigration status prevents them from seeking vital assistance during crisis. Racial profiling leads to unwarranted detentions and deportations, perpetuating mistrust among citizens and non-citizens alike. Many have been robbed of their dignity and their right to live their lives free of fear. This bill seeks to remedy these injustices by restoring Safety, Trust, and Respect to our communities.

Key Points of the North STAR Act:

The legislation prohibits local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement, ensuring that ICE detainers (which violate the 4th Amendment), transfer requests, and 287(g) agreements are ignored. 

This legislation will protect all Minnesota residents and their private data from being sold or inappropriately acquired by immigration authorities or databases for the purposes of immigration enforcement. This kind of federal overreach on such sensitive information will be mitigated.

State government officials will no longer act as immigration enforcers, reducing undue risk and stress in interactions with law enforcement. The state’s limited resources should be spent ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents.

The bill reflects Minnesota’s dedication, appreciation, and respect for immigrants, fostering an environment of inclusion and welcoming. It will rebuild trust between state officials and immigrant communities. 

The North STAR Alliance eagerly anticipates sharing more about its accomplishments, emphasizing the importance of the North STAR Act, and outlining goals for the upcoming legislative session. To learn more, volunteer, or donate, please visit:  

For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact: Rosie Thale,

About the North STAR Alliance 

The North STAR Alliance is a coalition of organizations committed to promoting safety, trust, and respect for immigrants in Minnesota led by ACT-TC, CAAL, CAPI, COPAL, ECMN, Fe y Justicia, ICOM, JCA, and MIRAC. Through advocacy and collaboration, the North STAR Alliance works towards inclusive policies that prioritize the well-being and dignity of all residents. 

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