We Can Make Minnesota
A Safe Home For All.

It’s time for the Minnesota state legislature to protect our immigrant neighbors and keep our communities whole.

Our state is home to over 500,000 non-citizen residents hailing from all over the globe. They are our neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers. They work, pay taxes, and contribute billions of dollars to state revenue every year, yet many are subject to arbitrary and prolonged detention, exorbitant bail, or even deportation as a result of even trivial interactions with local law enforcement. Blurring the lines between law enforcement and immigration enforcement erodes trust between immigrants and police, uproots loved community and family members from their chosen homes, and enables racial profiling. This is the opposite of safety, and doing better by immigrant communities in Minnesota benefits us all.

The North STAR Act

North STAR protects immigrants in the state of Minnesota by prohibiting state and local law enforcement from using state resources for the purpose of civil immigration enforcement. This includes sharing data or accepting federal funds that would require such cooperation. Multiple states, including Illinois, Oregon, Vermont, New York, Colorado, Washington and California have passed similar laws, allowing non-citizen residents to remain and continue to positively contribute to local and state economies without fear of unnecessary harassment or detention.

Campaign Updates

Stay tuned for upcoming events, legislative visits, and more!

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