About the North STAR Act.

About the North STAR Coalition

The North STAR Coalition includes dozens of faith-based and social justice organizations representing more than one million Minnesota residents statewide who see this legislation as an urgent moral imperative that will benefit us all. Alliance members believe in the dignity of every human being, without exception. We’ve supported people in ICE detention, helped newly arriving families find their footing, rendered legal aid, posted bail, met with representatives, organized in our communities, and helped win drivers licenses for all.

Our Mission

To ensure that all immigrants in the state of Minnesota can live their lives with the dignity, safety, and respect we all deserve through supporting legislation that protects immigrant communities from unrestricted federal overreach of local and state law enforcement.

Our Values

Safety is created through valuing difference and seeking to honor the rights of
all people. It is not created by fear of the other that is enforced through exclusion, discrimination and separation.

Trust that is earned by being accountable to the people, naming where trust has been damaged and working to repair that trust on the terms of those who have been harmed.

Show immigrants the respect they deserve. Ensure people are treated with dignity regardless of their country of origin or immigration status, and challenge people, laws, and institutions which limit people’s ability to live dignified lives.

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